I thought I would send along a few words of appreciation for the work performed at our house over the course of the past couple of weeks. Having owned this 100+ year old house now for 15 years we have retained the services of numerous contractors, remodelers and painters. Our experiences with these service providers has been hit and miss at best. Our experience with your organization falls into the hit category based on the following:

  • Initial contact, walk through scope of project & quote – Upon contacting you we were re-contacted in a very timely manner, a walk through was set up and then performed and a quote for your services was presented. All of these have been struggles with others and therefore one of the decision points for choosing you to perform the work.
  • Attention to detail, quality and cleanliness – All of the work performed was done so with an eye towards keeping it consistent with that of the original structure while dealing with the inconsistencies of an old home. Furthermore we were pleasantly surprised to return home each day to find the progress made without the messy evidence of what had transpired during the day.
  • Delivered versus promised – Not only was what we asked for delivered it was done so in accordance to the quote provided. Unlike many of the projects undertaken previously by others, the work was completed within the time frame and cost structure estimated.
  • For all of the above reasons we are extremely happy with our initial decision to have you perform the work needed and even happier with the resulting space. Rest assured as the next home project arises you will be at the top of our contact list. With this said if you would like to use this letter for referral or reference purposes please feel free to do so.

Thank you again.
Bob, Wayzata