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Granite Companies Edmonton

Granite Companies Edmonton

Understanding Granite

Do you ever look at your gorgeous granite countertop and wonder how it was made? That's a sign of a curious mind. In the interest of fulfilling your quest for knowledge, we're happy to tell you everything you ever wanted to know about the incredible igneous rock known as granite.

From molten rock to polished countertop

First, you'll want to know what an 'igneous' rock is. Easy. To be called igneous, a rock must start out as molten, liquid rock. Once that factor is in place, there are two basic kinds of igneous rock that may be formed. When a volcano erupts and lava flows and then hardens, that's called extrusive igneous rock. Notable extrusive igneous stones to know about include basalt, obsidian, pumice, scoria, rhyolite and tuff.

When molten rock crystallized beneath the Earth's surface, intrusive igneous rocks are formed. One type of intrusive igneous stone is granite. Others to know about include gabbro, peridotite, pegmatite and diorite.

Colorful granite

A block of granite when quarried out of the earth is comprised of interlocking crystals of minerals. Quartz and feldspar are the most common crystals found in granite. Feldspar provides white veins and patterns in granite, while quartz offers lovely light grey veins. If you see specks of shiny black in granite, it's probably mica.

The most famous igneous rock by far is granite. Just about everyone recognizes granite due to the fact that it's well used in our everyday life. Granite is the most common igneous rock on the planet, and it's used in all sorts of places. You can see granite headstones, granite statues, granite monuments and granite cathedrals. If you live in a city, you probably see granite at least once a day, every day of your life. Countertops, floor tiles and bathroom enclosures are just a few of the products made by granite companies in Edmonton.

Each piece of granite is distinct and unique. In fact, no two countertops installed by granite companies in Edmonton are exactly alike. The variations and patterns are some of the most interesting things about granite. When polished, sliced, and fabricated into a count, granite offers an elevation of style that makes any indoor space more elegant and attractive. The remarkably sturdy stone is highly resistant to chipping, cracking or staining.

Care for your granite countertop

Easy to care for granite countertop surfaces require very little maintenance. Restore luster and shine with simple daily dusting with a dry microfiber cloth. Never allow spills to remain, and mop them up as soon as they happen. Once a week or so, you'll want to use a natural stone cleaner that's pH balanced so as to not interact with the molecules contained within the granite. Dust before using stone cleaner and be sure to give your counters a quick wipe to dry before you call it a night.

When you are ready for a free estimate from respectable granite companies in Edmonton, contact us without delay. We are Wild Rose Granite, and can tell you everything you want to know about stone countertops.




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